November 30, 2011

Super Mom

This isn't Facebook; it's a personal blog, Jill's blog but obviously mine as well.  Since I try to keep the "Mombook" at a minimum, I'll go ahead and brag right here. 

I called Tony from a work dinner at Mamma Maria's last night and could hear Jill in the background.  She apparently didn't have any pants on and hadn't in hours.  Propped on top of the kitchen counter, she was shoving leftover pasta into her mouth.  I could picture it.  Dinner ran late and I stopped at the recently-back-from-Toronto Mark and Ali's apartment around the corner and didn't get home until close to 10.  The porch light was on but I wished the rest of the house had been dark.  What a mess that kid can make!  Books, hair clips, combs, shoes, a juice cup, a random pink plastic spoon.  You name it and it was on the floor.  Dirty dishes, dirty laundry.  Nothing had been done.  It was Dad's night!  Now don't get me wrong; Tony is an amazing husband and father.  He just can't do household stuff some nights while hanging solo with Jill.  In his defense, the alarm was set for 3:30 for an early departure to New York.

In contrast, Jill helped stack her books tonight.  We ate dinner (with veggies) at the table.  Two loads of laundry were cleaned as were a load of dishes.  And Jill's lunch is ready to go for the morning.  Supppppper Mommmm!

However .... said Super Mom has fallen into a bad habit.  I'm so happy when Jill says "please" and "thank you" now that I've been giving her whatever she wants!  Tony is much better at the discipline than I am.  Something to work on!

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