October 31, 2011

My Fairy Princess

I'd waited a few months to get an appointment.  The day had come: Halloween.  Matt and Laurel's wedding anniversary.  Alyson from work's birthday.  My dig-the-cyst-out-of-my-back D day.  Appointment at 12:50 and they asked me to arrive 30 minutes early.  There was an emergency the surgeon must attend to after my appointment.  I hoped he would take his time with my delicate back.  The topical lidocaine with epinephrine ("epi" as my Mom and other medical types abbreviate) injections were no joke.  I've made it through child birth and I still thought this hurt like an S.O.B.

Next step: Pop out the cyst, right?  Wrong.  It was much bigger than expected.  He dug.  It ruptured.  I took pictures with my phone.  I'm still debating whether to post them.  One made my sister-in-law gag.  So the procedure was more painful than I expected and I was in much rougher shape that afternoon and evening, Halloween of course. 

Jill had slept in until 8:15 (she has NEVER slept that late for us) for my Mom Monday morning so her nap came an hour or so later than usual.  I tried the Super Mom act to bring her into day care for the costume parade and party but her nap timing screwed everything up.  Oh well, I thought.  My Mom and I sat and had coffee and talked about how awful my procedure felt.  We went to school later that afternoon but had missed all signs of any partying.

Tyden, the Michigan football player, stole Jill's wand almost immediately.
I don't think she noticed right away.
a belly laugh!
still a little out of it from the late nap
a pic with Mom in the hallway on our way home
to rest up, eat dinner and get dressed again!
not impressed
first stop was across the street at the Lyons'
second stop was Stella's
third stop was Mary Lou and Kenny's and fourth stop was the Boussy's
Jill and 4-month-old Lexi (Tom's granddaughter)
We made one more stop, met Dad walking around the corner and called it quits!

Jill has never tried candy (maybe she has at school?) but she grabbed for a Snickers as soon as we were in the house.  A Mounds mini bar for me and a ..... a strawberry cereal bar for Jill??  Tony pretended he had a bigger and better candy bar in the kitchen and he came back with a breakfast bar.  She ate it like it was coated in chocolate and rolled in coconut!  Good thinking, Tony!

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