October 10, 2011

Columbus Day Weekend

 feeding the meter in Newport after a nice lunch on the water - Jill played with "Margo" and lunch was a success!
 walking to see the Barbozas
 I'll take it from here! (notice how red Jill's face was from playing during lunch)
 sizing up 2-mth-old Cole
 hugs for Brian
 peek-a-boo for Granna
 chillin' with Mom
 Jill likes to mimic when I put my glasses on top of my head.
 ...and then we switched
Monday was a day off for me, but not Tony. We went to the playground in the morning (more on this to come, probably Tuesday night so check back!) and the beach in the afternoon.  It was sunny, warm and such a treat for October!
Rachael came to the beach too.  We even let her off the leash so she could sprint across the beach.  She came right back to us, surprisingly.
This water's not cold, not cold at all!

What a weekend!

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