September 10, 2011

Read the Directions

BIG FUN! The Little Swimmers packaging declares.  Just Add Water and Sun!  What about when you add poop?  Ahh huh, not so much fun anymore, is it?  If you are lucky enough to witness your friends' older children in Little Swimmers disposable swimpants before it's your angel's turn, well then I am envious.  You'll know ahead of time, like Mel and Brian learned last weekend, that these swimpants tear off from the sides.

You could also get out the magnifying glass and read the small print directions on the back that these pull-ups have "tear away sides for easy removal."  PLEASE, please tear these swim undies from each side, even if you don't detect the smell of the Phantom Poop.  If only I knew this before last weekend, Heidi's beach towel could have been spared.  Sorry, Heidi, but your yellow and white striped towel got tossed in the trash.  I will read the directions from now on, promise!

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