September 10, 2011

Weekend Fun

Saturday morning we took a walk to Edgewater Beach.

Jill sported her new jean jacket from Granna.

Saturday afternoon while Tony and Heidi were out on the boat, we checked out a new (to us) playground across the street from the boat ramp.

Jill LOVED it! 

She climbed inside this school bus and pretended to drive.

She went down this slide all by herself!

After that we walked over to Louis Crossing for an early dinner with Tony and Heidi.  Tony, Jill and I have eaten there before but apparently we should have ordered the pizza because it was delicious!  For pizza in the Hough's Neck hood, the Musante household will not order from Harry's (still love your soft serve vanilla!) or Time Out any longer.  It's Louis' from now on!  Anyways, Heidi chased Jill around the restaurant for a bit.  Thank God there were only three white-haired locals at the bar.  Jill managed herself fairly well throughout the meal; I was impressed.  Heidi got a kick out of bathtime.  Jill enjoyed listening to herself scream, kick the bath water and generally show off in front of Heidi.

Sunday morning came much too early and Jill and I started the day cuddling on the couch with Thomas the Train.  We got grocery shopping out of the way early too, and Jill rode in the toddler cart for the first time.  This wasn't the cart/car combo but the cart with the red seat and straps on either side.  Jill tried both sides of course like the view may be different from the left than from where she started on the right.  Sunday afternoon we drove down to my Mom's and then to Mandy's house about 10 minutes away.  Faith, Jackson and Jill played very well together. 

I really wanted to visit with Mandy more but I enjoyed watching Jill play and interact so much that I just sat on the floor to take it all in and yelled to Mandy in the kitchen while she made dinner.

Sunday was of course the 10-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks.  What a strange feeling.  My Mom, Tony and I watched the TV special for a bit then we all headed to bed early.  So sad that it's been 10 years.  It was also my sister-in-law's birthday - Happy Birthday, Jess - and the day that Tony and I started dating in 1999.  Woooooo it's been awhile! 

Now I don't remember my dreams often but Sunday night's slumber included a vivid visit from my Dad.  He was playing with Jill.  He hadn't met her in previous dreams so this one was different.  It was special and bittersweet.  He'd be so proud of his Jill, and he was!

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