August 27, 2011

VT Before Irene

most of the ride to Vermont went well
MUCH happier when we got to Nana's house
watching Thomas
playing with Auntie Kathleen and Rachael
she taught me to do a somersault!
Jill enjoyed petting the animals: Gasper, Lucy, Webster & Rachael
A last minute decision trip to Vermont ... We left Quincy early Saturday morning and came back early Sunday morning.  It was a very quick trip due to the incoming hurricane (now Tropical Storm Irene) that we felt we needed to be home for in case the basement flooded, etc.  The weather at Nana's on Saturday was beautiful (it was raining at home) and we spent the day playing with the animals, "helping" spread mulch, watching Dad mow the lawn through the sunroom windows and learning to somersault.  Kathleen made Tony a belated birthday cake, which was delicious, and Nana seemed to truly enjoy a second weekend in a row with her granddaughter!

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