August 4, 2011

Broken Plastic = Broken Dreams

Up at 5 and home around 7. Tony’s days are long. His Wednesdays are even longer due to the wife (me) and her yoga class. Jill is typically bathed, stuffed and anxiously awaiting Tony’s return by the 6:30 mark. We’ll be watching Thomas, or reading a Thomas book (are you catching a theme?), and as Tony backs into the driveway Jill points toward the window and yells, “Da-da!” She slides off the couch and runs to the window. If you’ve been to our house you know that the driveway is very narrow. Tony cracks open the driver side door just wide enough to sneak out then he comes to the window. Jill squeals. Rachael’s made her way downstairs and is also very excited to see Tony. We thankfully haven’t had any serious tail wack incidents. Jill’s face vs Rachael’s tail. I see Jill knocked to the floor, possibly still clenching the tail.

Jill’s a barrel of energy, apparently just like Tony at her age (insert mother-in-law’s smirk here). And after a 13+ hour day, sometimes it’s daunting to think about keeping up with her even for a couple hours. Can you please go to bed before 8 p.m. tonight? I want to go to bed right after you. But no, Jill is not tired. She wants to help with chores. She wants to play. She wants to bang the blue and yellow plastic truck into Tony’s face. Yes, you read that correctly. The “No, please be gentle” response has not worked. It seems to be a joke to Jill, honestly. Say “NO” in your sternest voice and Jill giggles in your face. Even Tony in his “Dad” voice does not get through to her.

As the truck scenario continues last night (and I’m relaxing in the pigeon pose at yoga), Tony repeats “NO,” and Jill pretends to still hit him in the face. And then she does. Hard.

“I told you to please not hit me in the face, Jill,” Tony says sternly as he takes the truck from her hands then whips it across the living room into the kitchen (if you’ve been to our house you know that’s not a far distance). The truck smashes into the cabinet and a hunk of the wheel breaks off. This actually gets Jill’s attention as she looks at Tony and out comes the lip as she starts to cry. Man, I wish I was home for all of this. Tony admitted this wasn’t his finest parenting moment so far. He’s worried Jill will get upset at school today and think it’s ok to huck a toy across the room. Hopefully it won’t hit Richie, Evin, Amelia or any of her other friends!

Which “no hitting” tactics have worked for you? I’d say we could use some help on this one!

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