June 23, 2011

Stuck in My Johnny

The last time I saw my primary care physician she was waiting to pop. Now her daughter is nearly 2.5 and I have an 18-month-old. My list of concerns to review with the doc grew; and I finally decided to make an appointment after my company health fair. The physician assistant there calculated my cholesterol and HDL levels. She said my HDL levels were too low and she recommended a full fasting cholesterol screen. So I gave in and called to set up an appointment. Dr. Uhlmann was booked out for months with the exception of one 4 p.m. cancellation the following week. That’s a good time when considering work but could be cutting it close for day care pick-up. (If I only knew…) The secretary said my appointment would take 20-30 minutes. So I grabbed last night’s 4 o’clock timeslot. Never again.

I was taken in for initial measurements right on schedule but Dr. Uhlmann was running about 15 minutes behind. No big deal, I thought. I can definitely still make it to day care by the closing time of 5:45. Jill is used to a pick-up by 5:10 but she’ll be ok. I hope. I’ve been calling her Cinderella lately. Miss Michelle jokes that Jill can tell time and starts to get cranky and clingy just before 5 p.m. It’s like she knows when I’m coming! Well a 5:10 pick-up did NOT happen yesterday. A 5:45 closing time pick-up did NOT happen.

Back to the doctor’s office. There’s an emergency down the hall. My doc leaves to “have a quick look” at the patient. Sounds like someone may need Benadryl and fast. I’m left sitting on the table dressed only in the pale blue johnny. Cute. Dr. Uhlmann returns. I love this lady. She’s so sarcastic, funny and crude. We discuss my family history (it’s always comforting to hear the doc say, “what a mess!”), and review the do you smoke?, do you wear a seatbeat? questions. Things seem to be back on track for an on-time pick-up when Dr. Uhlmann gets called down the hall again. I find my phone and call Tony. He leaves work 30 minutes early to take over pick-up duties. Now I can relax in my johnny, I thought. The doc returns and apologizes. Tony’s picking Jill up now so I don’t rush my appointment. I ask the questions I wanted to ask. I get the full physical, yuck. I leave said building at Downtown Crossing at 5:15 and I call Tony. He’s sitting in traffic and doesn’t think he will get to day care in time. Pick up the pace. Power walk to the T. Call Tony at various stops to compare our locations. Sprint through the parking lot, peel out and speed to day care. The crazy Mom in the CRV. Six minutes late for pick up. Jill’s eyes are red from crying. She looks exhausted. She gives me a big hug and starts laughing out of nowhere.

Tony comes tearing in a few minutes later. Now this is a treat. Both parents at pick-up? Jill’s in a great mood and that worked wonders for me. A few minutes earlier I was narrowly missing pedestrians to rush to day care. I had tears building up in my eyeballs. Don’t cry. This is ridiculous. These things happen; they have to. And this is the first time it’s happened to us. Jill didn’t seem to mind. She was in a great mood when we got home! Little kids: they’re so resilient!

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