June 30, 2011

My Girly Girl

 Sure Jill's barely 19 months old but if you asked me (before yesterday) to guess whether she'd be a girly girl or a tomboy, I would have chosen the latter.  Hands down.  This kid likes worms and loves nothing more than stomping her feet in a deep puddle.  I was thrown for a loop yesterday at pick-up when I saw my little girl with a ponytail on top of her head!  Total Bam Bam style with a yellow padded elastic.  I may have shrieked and been that Mom.  I couldn't help it.  Add a hair accessory and you add months to their lives.  She looked like such a little girl!  She let Miss Michelle (the Assistant Director - there are two Miss Michelles) do her hair in the early afternoon, probably since her buddy Shannon was also sporting a ponytail. 

Fast forward to this morning.  I went for it.  If Jill allowed Michelle to do her hair then she would allow her own Mom, wouldn't she?  I pulled her bangs back and slid the purple bow clip (thank you, Becky!) through her hair without a hitch.  She kept it!  So this is the difference between having a little boy and having a little girl, I thought.  This is going to be fun! 

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