June 8, 2011

Crabby Pants

This week has been tough.  Jill's been sick:  she's full of boogers, she's teething and she's a crabby pants.  The weather is warming up and if she's anything like her Mom, she will not get along with the heat.  Tony was due home before us today (not the norm).  He had to make a grocery store stop for milk and a few other items. 

He had strict directions for when we got home:
1.  Don't peak in the backyard.  There's a surprise for Jill.  (He seemed excited!)
2.  Snacktime.
3.  Dress Jill in her bathing suit.

Jill stared at the bright red crab pool for a few minutes.  She watched the water shoot out the middle.  She approached with caution.  Tony splashed her a few times and Rachael came over for moral support.  Jill stepped into the pool but didn't sit down.  I think the water may have been a little too chilly.  We'll give it another try tomorrow when the temps are supposed to be even higher!

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