January 30, 2011

Transition Time

When Jill's upset, there's a problem.  Her first grumpy day at school, one of the teachers called and said, "Jill's not herself today.  She's been upset."  The other kids followed suit and soon everyone was fussing and crying.  It's not her norm. 

Several times this week at pick-up Jill has been cuddling with her teachers and pouting.  The lip's out, fake tear ducts activated, the whole nine yards.  For the majority of the day, she's been running free in the toddler room with not a care in the world.  Late morning she returns to the infant room where she fights a nap then wakes up angry to be confined (the toddler room is more "free range").  This back-and-forth "transitioning" must be part of what is making her grumpy.  Put me in the fun big kids' room then stuff me back into the baby room??  Ha, I think Jill will be a happy camper when her transition is complete and she's in the big kids' room fulltime.  Part of this change means going from the being the big kid (and let's face it bully) to the smallest.  Thursday that translated into an accident/incident report.  This is Jill's second report except the first time she was antagonist.  This time some wise guy pushed her down the slide.  I asked if she pushed him back.  Combine the back and forth business with three teeth making their way in and a slightly elevated temp and it's hasn't been the most enjoyable of weeks.

In other news: Friday was Miss Natasha's last day at day care.  She's one of the favorites and we will miss her!  Frank and Christine are on their way out of town as well and moving halfway around the world to Australia.  We wish Natasha, Frank and Christine the best of luck in their new adventures!!

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