January 30, 2011


While my fellow new mom and dear friend Jocelyn is figuring out the ins and outs of menu planning and organizing her life, I'm finding it difficult to chop cooked carrots and prep enough food for Jill's school day, nevermind rosemary grilled chicken in wild mushroom sauce.  Jocelyn sent out a witty email to other new moms where she explained that a severe lack of organization had crept into her life.  It snuck in about 9 months ago when her adorable son Lucas was born.  All of the sudden, Jocelyn couldn't remember her own phone number or how to prep a meal without wanting to "stick pins in my eyes and run screaming from the pan of food burning on the stove."  Her message made me laugh.  It also made me contemplate the idea of an organized life.  Is it possible with a toddler and two parents working fulltime?

I linked to her suggested website - organizedhome.com - and thought long and hard about the concept of menu planning.  This of course would require cooking.  hmmm I pondered.  Could I find the measuring cups and dust off the spice rack?  The cooking concept has crept in and out of our lives multiple times.  Our spice and seasoning selection slowly expanded then remained stagnant through multiple moves, three states and a baby.  Our pepper is from Albertson's in New Mexico, circa 2002. 

So the ironing board came out last Sunday afternoon and work outfits were ironed for the entire week.  Why didn't I figure this trick out sooner?  Oh yes, because it's not realistic.  I also took a stab at menu planning, or at least cooking a nutritious meal instead of pouring bowls of Life and Special K with berries.  Our fourth major snowstorm this month hit Wednesday night so Jill's school was operating on a two-hour delay.  Perfect, I thought!  I'll prep red potatoes and actually remember to take the steak out to defrost.  Jocelyn's meal planning cruisade had inspired me.  That evening I baked butternut squash and roasted carrots (note: need more olive oil next attempt).  Jill fought bedtime and by the time we sat down for dinner, it was 8:30 and my potatoes were cold.  A+ for effort but not the night for potatoes warm out of the oven.  That's why Tony calls me the microwave chef!

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