January 10, 2011


Tony and I left for NYC Sunday around noon.  We hit up Rare Bar & Grill - a dinner spot recommended by Tony's co-worker - then Coppersmith's for gametime drinks.  NYC was freezing so we ventured onto the subway for the trip back to the hotel.  Pitstop for dessert that we brought back to the room and it was a fairly early but very relaxing and enjoyable evening.  Monday morning started early.  Tony left for work in Jersey City (see the amazing views his phone captured below) while I enjoyed my Starbucks and read the paper in bed.  After a visit to the gym (I really don't know why I did this...) where I ran, lifted and lunged, I walked the city from about 10:30-2.  My hip flexors were sooooooo sore by the end of the day!  What a workout!  The other score?  A $250 strapless dress for $9.88!  I told Tony it was $9.  Ha!  Why do women always round down?  We arrived back at my Mom's house at 6:30 p.m. Jill was so excited to see us!  Separation anxiety kicked in at bedtime though when she wouldn't let either of us out of her sight. 

a room with a view
nice Monday morning!

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