November 30, 2010

A Tough Lesson

We started Jill's blog as a way to share pictures and funny stories with the family and friends who don't get to see her often.  We try to post frequently and capture humorous events.  Of course not everything is included.  Nobody wants to read about hemmroids in pregnancy, or the changing dynamics in your sex life when two becomes three.  Certainly not my Mom or mother-in-law. 

But since blogging is about sharing, I thought it would be balanced to share struggles, mistakes, unanswered questions.  Parenthood is not glamorous.  It's sometimes about screwing up but then recovering gracefully.  That was the case this weekend in Vermont when we had an "incident" between Jill and Rachael, our very wimpy, passive, sweetheart-of-a-dog.

After two days of delicious Thanksgiving fare and birthday frosting, we spent Friday evening in the living room being entertained by Jill.  She was dancing to Chuck's jazz music, clapping her hands and making raspberry noises.  She motioned to the floor to be let loose and visit Rachael, who was camped out on her back with her paws in the air.  Tony and I were sitting directly behind Jill when she reached for Rachael's belly when we should have been in between.  Jill startled Rachael and she jerked forward, pushing Jill backward in the process and skimming the right side of her face.  It was not pretty.  Jill screamed.  Everyone was upset.  Of course Rachael didn't mean to hurt Jill.  They're BFFs.  But it was a very hard and loud lesson that dogs are dogs, not people, and we need to be cautious of their moods, movements, etc. no matter how sweet and good-natured they are.

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