November 21, 2010

Mom's Helper

crop out the Ibuprofen bottle she's shaking and it's a cute pic!

helping Mom sort all my clothes

Do you need this tupperware cover for tomorrow's lunch?

Why is Jill thrilled to be shaking an Ibuprofen bottle in the top picture?
My daughter and I teamed up to annoy Daddy on Sunday.  Tony went out with the guys Saturday night to celebrate Tim's 30th birthday (one of the few last lucky ones).  We "jilled;" I watched most of Julie & Julia (very cute) and went to bed around 10:30.  The cab pulled up to the front of the house around 12:30 and Tony and Tim were safely home.  Rachael barked to alert us.  Oh nope, nevermind; that's not what happened.  I poked my head around the top of the stairs to see Tony, Tim and Ethan, drunk and stinking of cigar smoke, around 1:30. 

So the next day...
I thought I earned brownie points.  Jill and I went for a long walk in the critical early hours of hangover management.  Tim woke up on the couch, said something in not-quite-English and left for home.  Tony didn't function.  I give him credit though.  He made an effort.  We took Jill and Rachael for a long walk.  Tony went back to bed.  Tactfully, Jill and I decided to play across the hallway in her room, with her loudest toys.  The deck awaits a future weekend.

The day after that...
As Tony and I faced the evening commute together (the only pleasant thing about Mondays) we talked about our days.  Tony had come to the realization that heavy drinking nights require 3-day weekends and child care for full recoup time.  Parental hangovers aren't easy!

In other happenings:
We ventured into Davis Square Sunday morning for brunch with a few of my college roommates.  With Phantom Gourmet's Great Ate distinction, I was honestly expecting more out of Johnny D's, but the live jazz and friendly service made up for it.  Jill was thrilled.  She danced to the music and kept herself busy staring at everyone.  Are you going to eat that??  I was really proud of her!

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