October 16, 2010

Social Network Disconnected, Revived in Person

This may be a non-Jill post. I'm not sure yet. A few paragraphs without Jill isn't really realistic but we'll see how it goes.

So my company announced that there would be layoffs (a workforce reduction, if you will) a couple months ago. My group indicated this will take place by Thanksgiving. I feel relatively safe but at the same time it wouldn't be smart to not update my resume and take a look at the job market. There's not much. It's causing anxiety in the office. It makes my chest hurt, slightly ... It makes me bitchy from time and time (ask Tony). So this week I updated my resume and started looking around. Hopefully I can stay at Genzyme but I also need to prepare in the event that I'm laid off. Happy Holidays! What awful timing for layoffs.

Facebook is also on my mind. I was highly addicted until last Saturday night at my Mom's when I drank a few glasses of wine and deleted my account. I felt liberated! I LOVED fb but was honestly spending too much time on it. I was obsessing over it: checking status updates at work and before bed. I was also tired of friend requests from pseudo friends. You know the "friends" I'm talking about. It's the people you knew in high school and college that you were never really close to. The people who want to spy. And you wouldn't mind spying on them either. Who did they end up marrying? Do they have kids? Where do they live and work? Did they get fat/attrative or not? You feel the need to spy until you have your own kid then the thought creeps you out.

Tony and I went out with friends Saturday night. We put Jill to bed at my Mom's then drove with Sarah to Swansea to Mel and Brian's house where Mandy and Whitey were already hanging out. We all went over to their favorite neighborhood bar - Benchwarmers - to hear a band Whitey liked. It was a really good time! Nice to have a few drinks and let loose a little bit (how old does that sound?!). We're actually going out to dinner with friends Mark and Ali (pictured above) tonight too. I swear we never have this much of a social life but Mark just accepted a job in Toronto and they're moving in two weeks! So my Mom is coming to the house early and we're headed to the new Seadog Brewery in Hull. It will be nice to catch up with them! We also plan to visit. Sounds like a road trip to include Niagra Falls.

Have you ever tried to pinpoint which language babies speak? Sounds like Russian to me!

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