October 31, 2010

Poop Karma

Ever yell when faced with a seemingly impossible-to-clean diaper/baby bum?  Jill had been wearing Seventh Generation diapers this weekend to clear up a rash.  They're great (her rash is gone) but when they're full, they are full, meaning one extra pee or poop and things get messy.  Jill peed on my Mom Saturday at my brother's house and pooped on me Saturday night at home.  It came quickly down her pant leg and pooled on the floor.  I screamed!  I didn't mean to but it completely took me by surprise.  My yell startled Jill and she started to cry.  This made me feel completely awful. 

This diaper change was a two-person job.  Tony helped as I drew a bath (there was no use for wipes).  After bathtime, I came downstairs to find my flip flops.  I stepped directly in Jill's runny poop, up through my toes and everything.  It was a lesson in poop karma.  Don't scream - under any circumstances - in poopy situations!  It will come back to haunt you!

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