October 12, 2010

The Comedian

Jill has been a joker-and-a-half with her buddy Rachael lately. Rachael is a bigger fan now that she steals Cheerios and banana puffs from the floor and licks peas and sweet potatoes off Jill's face.

It was party central Saturday night at Granna's house. Jill has been staying up about 1/2 hour later lately but is also sleeping later, which is fantastic on the weekend! Notice Jill's finger placement in the top photo. That's her response when I told her it was bedtime. It was like she was saying, "Not when I'm at Granna's!"

A vain 1o-month-old? Perhaps. Jill made a break for it Monday night during bathtime and quickly pulled herself up the back of the door to gaze into the mirror. Again, a comedian!

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