September 15, 2010


A retired real estate mogul type cruising in an old Rolls. Chatham-branded sweatshirts on sale for 45 (ummm isn't it offseason?). Much more expensive clothing in the specialty shops too tiny - probably on purpose - for strollers.

Black raspberry chocolate chip frozen yogurt and fried scallops. A view too beautiful to describe. Now that's what I'm talking about.

My Mom, Jill and I drove down to Chatham today. It's the first day of vacation - yeah!! Jill was a champ on the ride, sleeping most of the way. Come to think of it, she was a champ the entire day until bedtime. That's when the teething discomfort caught up with her and it took 1.5 hours to get her to bed. She finally went down at 8:30, way past her bedtime!

We arrived in Chatham much earlier than our 3 p.m. check-in time. My Mom and I split a chicken salad sandwich from the deli. She commented that she should have chosen a healthier bread than sourdough, which I thought was hysterical since there was bacon sandwiched between the bread slices. Jill has a newfound dislike for public restrooms. During a trip to the mall with my Mom on Monday, she had a minor freak out when someone used the hand dryer. The same thing happened today. Only Jill had also refused to have her diaper changed. She stood up - bare bum - on the changing table and peed. She nailed her blanket, my Mom, her clean diaper. It was quite the sight! How many adults does it take to change one baby?! Anyway, we had a great day walking around town and along the beach. We enjoyed a nice dinner of fried scallops and clams at The Squire. Jill was very well behaved; and we tested out our new Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair. It was wonderful! I'm so happy Adrienne, my friend from work, told me about it. She also brought in a ton of baby food for Jill. Her son, Ian, did NOT do baby food, but they had already made the BJ's run. Needless to say, I don't think we'll need to buy baby food again. I'm serious; it's that much!

Looking forward to another beautiful day on the beach tomorrow. Can't wait to download the pics too!

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  1. Teething kicked Jill's butt Wednesday night and she was up from 12:45-2 a.m., poor kid! Thursday night though she slept from 7-6:30, straight through a thunderstorm! She absolutely LOVED the beach on Thursday too. Pics to come...