August 16, 2010

Homemade Moosh and Standing Tall

It was a learning experience but I'm happy I finally took a stab at making homemade baby food. The first two batches were too chunky but looked good at the time. Green apples - yeah, way too sour (see face in first pic) - and carrots, a hit as usual (see last pic). Jill didn't mind the thicker texture in the first carrot batch because she LOVES the flavor so much! Her new thing is taking whatever food is in the spoon and mashing it between her fingers and hands. A very neat child indeed!
Tony and I were saying that Jill seems like she has developed an awful lot in the last week or two. She is crawling around like a maniac, but would much rather pull herself up (on anything) and try to walk. She's also chatting nonstop. blah blah da da da DA DA giggle giggle. Whatever she thinks she's saying must be a pretty funny!

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