August 9, 2010

Grateful Mondays

Why should Tuesday have all the fun with the Tackle It theme? I've been inspired by my friend from high school - Alicen - to capture small, maybe random things I'm thankful for.

This morning I was annoyed with myself for forgetting soap/body wash at the gym. But I turned it into a positive and used my apricot facial scrub over my entire body. It was like a blessing from above, a facial for my elbows, a rub down for my knees. It was heavenly! Hello smooth ankles!

One other thing (there were many) I was thankful for today was my husband's humor. I don't know where this came from but Tony thinks goats are absolutely hysterical. We somehow ended up on the couch tonight watching goat videos on You Tube. Don't judge. Search "talking goat" then you can poke fun! The videos will make you cry!

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