August 5, 2010

Gone Sailing

The purpose of last weekend was to spend time with family while remembering my Dad. Sunday marked eight years since he's been gone and while every year seems a little bit easier, this year was different. Jill was a nice distraction but her existence is also bittersweet. My Dad would be obsessed with her! He'd be such a proud Gramp.

My Mom slept over Friday night so we could leave first thing Saturday morning. We drove to Woods Hole with no incidents or stops and made it to Pete and Deb's beach house in time for breakfast. We spent the day on a ridiculous sailboat - the one that Scott and Jess were married on last May. Chuck, Candie and the boys were great. Shalagh and Petey had an awesome time too. We sailed through Vineyard Sound and made a pitstop along the St. Elizabeth Islands. We swam to a beach and had an impromptu happy hour with beers brought over in one of the dinghies (sp?). Swimming back through the waves was more of a challenge! Saturday night Mark and Ali (newly engaged) came to the house from Ali's parents' place in Falmouth and we went into town. Two bars and a few more beers later, Tony called it quits and we headed back to the house. We (me, Tony and my Mom) were all hungover on Sunday, maybe another distraction in disguise.
While still recovering on Monday, I was checking out at work. I found a link with a great blog I've been telling people about since: You should check it out. It will make you smile!
Next up: Gisele and her big mouth on breastfeeding

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